Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Leg flexibility & strength training exercise
Cardio exercise

The Glen Healthcare Network's therapy regimen is extraordinary because our guests experience dedicated therapists who promote continuity of rehab services and are personally vested as they share the successes of our guests.

Whether you're recovering from a medical or work-related condition, or recuperating from an orthopedic procedure, you know that illness and injury can make daily living a real challenge. From bathing and dressing to cooking and cleaning, returning to work or relearning speech skills, the things you did easily-even automatically before-may now be difficult. While your desire is to get your life back and go home after a hospital stay or surgery, you may need greater support and assistance for your daily activities prior to returning home.

At GlenCrest, we have improved and enhanced transitional and rehabilitative services for the benefit of our guests. A professional staff member accompanies our short term rehabilitation guests to their orthopedic follow up appointments to assure collaboration of all planned therapy goals.

It is our goal for our guests to succeed through treatment and return home to an independent and fulfilling life. Our modern, guest-centered facility-staffed by top physicians, nurses, and therapists -offers guests the quickest recoveries and optimal results. The focus of this program is on achieving the highest level of functional and medical recovery through individually designed rehabilitation care plans.

Specialized transitional care facilities like ours help guests transition back to their lives.